The Robin Family.....By Oog Kang....2009


Hi! Kids:

Do you remember the nandina bush right  next to our patio door?


One day Mimi saw a couple of robins were flying in and out the bush.

Mimi said "I think we have a roibin family adopting us this year"

Mimi said "I am going to check if the robin family made a nest in the bush"

Then we noticed the Momma bird was watching us from above.



We had no doubt that thery built a nest.  

After carefullly spreading branches,

Mimi found beautiful four bluegreen eggs in a neatly made nest.



Oh! We wish you all could have seen the beauty of creation.

Imagine the delight of our heart!!

Why are we so blessed with such precious gift!

I said "We wish all of you guys should have seen this."


Next day, with pounding heart' hushing out breath 

we looked the nest very carefully.

Alas! During the night, two of them were hatched.  

Oh, so tiny baby cuddly chicken.

But, then they grow so fast.



We have never seen birds hatching with our naked eyes!

Once more the delight was all ours and safe arrival of the precious gift was miracle.



We saw all four were hatched and saw the chicken.

Oh! look at the babies, the precious babies,

Eyes are not quite open. We thank God for his Grace once more!



Now Mom and Dad are very busy bring in food!

They are in and out of the nest all day and the babies are growing very fast.

This is what they do.

They bring food in their mouth, ususally earth worms. Come to settle on the patio,

watching the nest for a minute or two, and then fly in.  

After feeding, the Mom and Dad fly to the tree branch,

as if tryng to make sure babies are OK

or they are just satisfied and proud.



No sooner we thought all are hatched and we were able to watch they grow,

alreadfy their feathers started to change with in a couple of days.



We have never imagined the the babies can grow so fast.

It's like the babies become teenager overnight without ever having to go through the toddeler period.

This is indeed another miraculous transformation.


Then we noticed Mom was taking one at a time from the nest to the ever green bushes.



Again, no sooner you thought they are all hatched they disappear from the nest one by one.

We already miss them.

One last baby all by itself seems to be waiting to have strong wing.



And, finally the last baby flew away following Momma.



The Momma seems to be saying 

"Thank you for watching our babies.

We will leave the empty nest to you to remember us,

thank you for giving us the place to nest,

thank you for watching us,

and, thank God we made it, and all babies are healthy.

Good bye! We may come back next year."


We wish they come back.  It is blessing to have animals adopting us.